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Major events in the Serbian story

Juli 29, 2016

Here are the major events that will happen in the Serbian story…

  • Mr. Roni returns, serving as our Green Team dragon-jocking Heroes’ mentor.
  • Dzaky and Shafira learn about Sanja the Beautiful Bandit and her hideout in the deserted island of Samalona.
  • Shafira is focused in this story, and is one of the characters of the month in August.

And yes, Shafira will wear a special Japanese suit called a zentai throughout the story. A zentai is a suit that covers the whole body, with a hood to cover the head. However, Shafira will not wear the hood. She’s afraid of being hard to breathe when she’s washing her hair with the hood on in the shower. Shafira has dark brown hair, touchably smooth. She also has fair skin. Her hair is shoulder-length.


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