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TCoH 4, Episode 213

Agustus 2, 2016

Dzaky and Shafira are having a walk in the park behind their studio when…

Chandra: (via megaphone) Attention all Heroes! We have a major problem in Belgrade, Serbia. A bandit just escaped from prison and stole Kosovo! That’s the Albanian-speaking territory in present-day Serbia. You must apprehend the thief by Sunday, 10PM.
Dzaky: Shafira! (to Shafira who is smelling flowers)
Shafira: What?
Dzaky: It’s the Chief! He told us about a serious case! It’s another ex-Yugoslavian country.

At the studio…
Dzaky, Shafira, Fina, Hasna, Maul, Mufida, Najla, Bryan, Tasya, Medina, and Kirana are in their studio. The older Heroes are having an Indovidgram meeting in Athens about rescuing Nadya.

Chandra: Alright you guys, this is serious. I got news from my old friend Roni Saftari–
Shafira: That’s Mr. Roni, Chief. We know him much.
Chandra: (annoyed) And please, Mpi. Call me Chandra. I got news from Roni that a bandit has escaped from prison and stole a part of present-day Serbia which we know as Kosovo. One thing – don’t be fooled by the beautiful looks of this bandit. She is deceitful and kills anyone who tries to defeat him. Your assignment: report to Belgrade right now! Got it?
All: Yes, Chief- um, Chandra!
Chandra: That’s the spirit. Don’t call me Chief! That’s too formal. Red Team, go to Novi Sad and search the skies of the city. Yellow Team, install some pansers in Zrenjanin. Purple Team, land the boat in the largest lake in Serbia. Blue Team – that’s you, Tasya – hold the pljeskavica. As for you, dragon-jocking Green Team…
Dzaky and Shafira: Yes?
Chandra: I have a super special secret assignment for you. You go to Belgrade and jock your dragons to Midzor. That’s the highest peak in Serbia and the bandit’s hideaway… bla bla bla…

To make a long story short…

Dzaky met William Alexander Yoo and the boys from Trio LKT. When he introduced Trio LKT to Shafira… she was… WOW!


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