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TCoH 4, Episode 219

Agustus 6, 2016

The episode begins with everyone comforting Fina and Hasna in the meeting room, after they were crying for unclear reasons. Chandra asks them why are the girls crying. Mufida says she doesn’t know.

Yesterday, Dzaky broke Shafira up for not jocking her dragon seriously. He left Samalona Island in anger, leaving his girlfriend in tears. Earlier this morning we see Kania and Ayu comforting Shafira in her room.

Kania: There, there. No crying no more.
Ayu: Yes, I hope you find a better boy than him, like… you know, Naufal.
Shafira: (crying) But there’s no one like Dzaky! Oh, who in the world would break us up?
Kania: Listen here, Mpi. We won’t blame it on Lutfi just because he is obese and was involved in a physical fight with Dzaky the other day. You dislike Naufal, and Fadhil is heavily autistic.
Shafira: I know. But I just want him to reconcile! (crying)
Salamence: (angry roar)

Dzaky is sitting in the park of Belgrade University with Grapefruit, mad at Shafira and Salamence.

Dzaky: I seriously hate that girl right now. I mean, Shafira? Why doesn’t she follow my orders? She was supposed to yell out “Woohoo!”, not other W-words.
Grapefruit: Ohhh, I also hate Salamence right now.
Dzaky: Whatever. We just won’t reconcile with her EVER AGAIN!
Grapefruit: We must act like men. We could… you know, punch Shafira in the face, give her a raspberry, and tuck her up in bed roughly.
Dzaky: Not helping, Grapefruit. (snorts)

The same time Ghafiki and Sahda break up, and the former wreaks havoc while the latter cries and cries and cries. They were almost in their first year of anniversary 😥

But behind that sadness the Trolls were on their way to trap Shafira.

Mr. Roni: Not helping, Gus.
Mr. Agus: What? I thought this would make the perfect trap for that dragon-jocking girl!
Mr. Roni: I’ve read much. Shafira refuses to wear the hood of her zentai because she would be unable to breathe that way. But it’s also wet hair she fears if not wearing the hood. Sadly, that is Shafira’s weakness; saponified water. We’re afraid the suit will wear off if Shafira slips following Sanja’s defeat, resulting in unconsciousness. #BOOM
Mr. Aya: That idea’s just bad, Ron– it just might work!


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