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TCoH 4, Episode 220 (part 1)

Agustus 7, 2016

While asleep, earlier this morning Dzaky, Kania, and Ayu were brought to Sanja’s hideout in the University of Belgrade by the controlled Grapefruit. It happened when Shafira was doing her morning routine. Upon hearing a screaming, Shafira thought it was Dzaky.

The dialogue is as follows…

Dzaky: Where are we? Kan, are you jocking Grapefruit?
Kania: No. Yu, are you jocking Grapefruit?
Ayu: Am not.
Dzaky: Same here. (looking down) Uh-oh…
Dzaky, Kania, and Ayu: AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Meanwhile, at the Samalona cottage…

Shafira: Dzaky? Look, I know you want to reconcile with me, but I wasn’t mad. I’m sorry you got mad that day. Here, I bought you some soup with cheese and crackers– Dzaky? DZAKY?! (rushes to Chandra’s room)

Chandra was very angry at LKT.

Chandra: And once again, Fadhil… you can’t, and I mean, NEVER EVER… bla bla bla…
Shafira: Chandra, you should’ve seen that! Dzaky was brought by his own Grapefruit to Belgrade!
Chandra: Grapefruit…? (shocked) This can’t be true! Fadhil, you stay there with Lutfi and Naufal while I go to Samalona. For you are still grounded until you tell the truth that you made Hasna cry last morning!

Chandra: (talking to Shafira) This is bad. It could take a 6-hour flight from here to Serbia’s capital. You have to jock Salamence and fly fancy to Belgrade. And fast. Who knows Sanja might pour up more detergent that might wear off that zentai of yours…
Hasna: (off-screen) I agree with that! (now on-screen, wearing her short blonde wig making her look boyish)

However, to make a long story short…
At 12pm, after lunch with Chandra…

Shafira: Oh my God, Salamence. I think it’s time for 6 hours of fancy flying! (jocking on Salamence, then flies fancily) WOO-HOOOOOO!

At the Trolls’ headquarters…

Mr. Roni: Am I koo-koo kachoo, or is that zentai-wearing dragon-jocking girl wreaking havoc in the sky again?
Mr. Agus: Why, yes indeed, Ron. Shafira is flying to Sanja’s hideout. Who knows she will jock her dragon seriously again and reconcile with her boyfriend…



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