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TCoH 4, Episode 222

Agustus 9, 2016

You sure remember the boys from LKT. One of them is Fadhil, who made Hasna cry in Serbia last Saturday. Today, he’s on his way to win the national inline skating contest in Montenegro, with the help of our Heroes.

This morning Fadhil broke his skates when he was practicing to skate. It hit a rock and fell into pieces. Things would change his life forever when he found… the Magic Skates. Someone stole them, the most expensive pair of skates yet from the local toy store in Podgorica.

Now, our Heroes and LKT are continuing their way skating to Zla Kolata, Montenegro’s highest peak where the thief is hiding. LKT are now leading; with the Air Force Girls behind them, followed by Scullabies (actually Mr. Roni, Mr. Vega, and Mr. Vallen), Boo Crew (Ardina, Jovial, and Kevin), and in the last place – the Dragon Jocks.

Ardina said to Fadhil yesterday: “The key of being a professional inline skater is to try harder, no matter how many times we fall. The skates don’t make the skater; the skater makes the skates.”


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