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TCoH 4, Episode 233

Agustus 20, 2016

It’s late at night, so I decide to make this episode shorter than I thought.

The Dragon Jocks (hell yeah, how many times do I tell stories about the Dzaky-Shafira couple) try to help Mufida from Marshmallow’s attacks, but to no luck. Shafira was nearly killed by Marshmallow’s powerful Dragon Tail, and Mr. Vega wrestled Mufida. Both girls are rushed to the nearest hospital in Skopje.

Meanwhile, as rivals, Mr. Agus and Mr. Vega continue their feud, much to Ayu Andara’s annoyance. You guys know Ayu Andara. She is the most senior Hits Hero at age 26 and still as beautiful and genius. She is the brains of Hits Radio in 2013, hoping to make a smash comeback in September 2016.

Mr. Agus was very angry with Mr. Vega, saying that the Minccino evolutionary line are friends, not enemies. As a Minccino, Marshmallow loves unicorns because of its beauty. As a Toracino, Marshmallow loves unicorns because they are a main stable of Toracino’s diet. Who knows Mr. Vega would take control of Marshmallow for unclear reasons that both nearly killed Mufida and Shafira…

Oddly enough tho’, this might be not real, but Minccino is one of a few Pokemon that change drastically during evolution, evolving from a cute and cuddly chinchilla to a tough and ferocious wolf.


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