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Agustus 25, 2016

It happened.
8 hours ago.

When my class, XI IIS 2 were quietly doing the economics exam, we heard noises from neighboring XI IIS 1. Hasna insisted about handing her history notebook over to Mrs. Nurul, but she didn’t allow her. It kept on happening until suddenly we heard a loud yell from either Rivan or Syahrul. Whoever it was, he hit Hasna, Shafira, and Nadhira real hard they cried. Their cries could be heard from our class.

Because we were angry and could not control our emotions, we XI IIS 2 rushed out of the class and were involved in a physical fight with XI IIS 1. Many were hurt, and the worst were Anas and Kirana. They were quickly rushed to the infirmary.

I was also angry, yet I wasn’t involved in the fight. I called Azka “naughty” for the rest of the school day. Meanwhile, Ms. Ratih (Bahasa Indonesia teacher and XI IIS 1’s homeroom teacher) scolded her children for harassing us.

If the fight was just real, I won’t be going to school tomorrow after suffering from trauma. If the fight was just a skit, I’m still be going to school tomorrow.

I will write an update as soon as the fight is either confirmed real or skit.


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