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Conflict update

Agustus 27, 2016

The fight is confirmed REAL. Not a skit.

There were 8 people injured during the XI IIS 1 and XI IIS 2 conflict; they are Hasna, Shafira, Nadhira, Upow, Nadiefa, Anas, Hizkia, and Kirana. Of these, Anas, Kirana, and Shafira were the worst. Anas and Kirana got a black eye each – Anas on the left and Kirana on the right – they also ran out of blood and had a concussion. Fortunately doctors successfully saved their lives.

However, Shafira is not doing well – she got injuries on her right arm and a black left eye. Her face was apparently bleeding. Thus I didn’t see these eight people at school today and yesterday.

Everyone, be strong and have faith. Conflicts may happen, but no conflict is forever and therefore can be solved. Every human being is same in Allah’s eyes.

This leads to the 240th episode of TCoH 4, in which Arap returns to his job as a doctor after feeling the effects of the Alcent conflict. He fought with Andovi.


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