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TCoH 4, Episode 241

Agustus 28, 2016

To make a long story short once again…

Arap and Fina come face to face with Mr. Nunuh, the thief of Mother Teresa’s bowl from Mr. Saptono’s house. They are involved in a double Pokemon battle. Arap transforms into Hawlucha, while Fina uses Orange, resulting in both victorious. They go back to Jalan Cipaku Indah VIII/4 and return the bowl, saying it’s a national treasure from Albania’s national hero.

As a reward, Arap and Fina are allowed to reconcile with Andovi and Maul respectively, and they enjoy themselves a bowl of frozen yogurt. As for Mr. Sofwan, he happily rejoins the Trolls in hopes of sparking a rivalry with Scullabies member Mr. Akbar.

They walk outside Mr. Saptono’s– um, I mean, Hani’s house, smiling. Arap, Andovi, Fina, and Maul. We’re glad they’re friends again. Hasna? Don’t ask me. She’s still hospitalized from the wounds.

When the Alcent conflict happened, as I told before, 8 people were hurt; Shafira, Anas, and Kirana were the worst. Just then, Arap and Andovi were also bickering when Ghafiki flung a sword across the spot. He was also very, very angry. They stopped being friends and broke their friendship up when Arap heard Fina shouting at Maul, saying she hated her forever.

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