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TCoH 4, Episodes 242-243

Agustus 30, 2016

Episode 242:
After discovering Gladys’ Zentai Zumba group, Edho was on the middle of solving a case of the heist of the Olympic Flame from Athens when he encountered a very beautiful zumba instructor. Her name was Aphrodite Nguyen-Nikolaou, half Greek from maternal side and half Vietnamese from paternal side. Meanwhile, Mr. Dadi faced rivalry with Ms. Meta.

Episode 243:
To help raising the fund for Shafira’s treatment, Edho took Kania on a trip around Athens. Kania will be one of the guest stars performing in the SOS’2X16 tour for the fundraising, saying she’s a big fan. But the Trolls weren’t very happy about this; the Scullabies will also be performing in the show, much to their pique.


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