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TCoH 4, Episode 247 (part 2)

September 3, 2016

Edho: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the moment you’ve been waiting for… your favorite Indonesian boy band is now holding their own tour! Of course, it’s no other than SOS’2X16! Beta Bada, Famu, and Rivaldi Iglesias are now on stage! First off, forgive me if I’m hosting alone, my wife is not here with me. In case you’ve been wondering – yes, I’m married.
*audience laugh*
Edho: Now, are you ready for the big show????
*audience cheer*
Edho: Alright, you guys seem enthusiastic about this. But first, please welcome our first guest star; hailing from Antapani, Bandung, half Greek-British and half Indonesian, it’s my friend Kania Yasyfa!!!

#HitsPerform: Kania Yasyfa – “Sing (by Ed Sheeran)”

At the start of the song, the stage is predominantly dark with blue lights, and Kania sings her high notes. She then plays her guitar and sings the first verse of the song. As the song proceeds, stage lights turn red as she brings the stage spirit by inviting the audience to sing and dance along. Of course, which Kanzellor wouldn’t have a crush on Kania? She’s beautiful, modest, and polite, and her voice is powerful as well. On stage, Kania is accompanied by 3 backing dancers, all from the Zentai Zumba Troupe. During the second verse, she raps very flawlessly, making boys’ eyes turn to hearts. At almost the end of the song, Kania shows us her decent dance moves, and finishes with a dab. She then thanks the audience.

Edho: Yo, that was Kania Yasyfa with her take on Ed Sheeran’s “Sing!” Well done, Bia (Kania, red)! Next, we are ready to meet the boys of SOS’2X16! Raise your voices for our boys!!!
*audience cheer*

#HitsPerform: SOS’2X16 – “Do you believe in magic”

Edho: Yo, that was SOS’2X16 with their take on High Society’s “Do you believe in magic”!!! Well done, boys!
*audience cheer*
Edho: Now, we’re taking a break for a while, as the meet and greet takes place after this. Stay tuned, audience and viewers!

At the green room…
Edho: Guys, how do I look?
Bena: Oh yes, you were fantastic! You really brought that stage spirit!
Usama: You sir, are always fantastic!
Edho: Thank you, thank you. I really appreciate it.
Marlo: Now we better get going. The moussaka and baklava are coming!

(NOTE: Moussaka and baklava are traditional Greek food)

After the meet and greet, the show continues with SOS’2X16 performing Lighthouse X’s “Soldiers of love”. Of course, Lifesavers have a crush on them, especially because they are mostly girls. Their performance is followed by Mr. Vallen performing “Letting go (Dutty love)” by Sean Kingston, Mr. Roni performing Fin KL’s “Blue rain”, and Mr. Vega performing Snow Patrol’s “Chasing cars”.

Edho: Yooo… that was the most swag performances by our boys of SOS’2X16, Valentino RP, Roni Saftari, and Octa Vega! After this, there will be a sponsor message and another performance by our fiercely cute Kania Yasyfa! Kanzellors, raise your voices!!!
*audience cheer*

#HitsPerform: Kania Yasyfa – “Don’t (by Ed Sheeran)”

The song begins with Kania, wearing a black skirt and a black-and-white T-shirt, dancing in a very Michael Jackson manner. At the chorus, she is accompanied by the Zentai Zumba Troupe, all wearing black zentai suits. Throughout the song, Kania shows her very flawless dance moves, like the girls of Girls’ Generation and A-Pink. (FYI: Kania’s favorite music genre is pop, R&B, and hip-hop.) Much like her previous performance, Kania raps very flawlessly, enough to make Kanzellors fall in love.

Edho: Yo, yo, yo! That was Kania Yasyfa with Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t”! Good job, Kania! After this, we are taking another break as the press-conference is being held! Stay tuned!

After the press-conference, the show continues with Mr. Akbar performing “Into the new world” by Girls’ Generation and Mrs. Meta performing her take on Lyn’s “My destiny”, from the 2014 K-series My Love from the Star, followed by SOS’2X16 performing Backstreet Boys’ “I want it that way”.

Edho: Swag! That was the most decent performances by Akbar Singh, Meta Inmasari, and SOS’2X16! But… before another Kania performance and a closing, we ask you audience here for a fundraising. You see, our dear little friend, Shafira Zachrany is in the hospital. (shaky voice) She suffered from external wounds in her right arm and a black left eye. She apparently blooded in her face too. Sources say she needs 10 more days to go out from hospital. The fund costs 3,000,000 euros or 44,03 billion Indonesian rupiahs.
*audience sigh*
Edho: Don’t forget to keep requesting “Only hope” on your favorite radios in Greece, Indonesia, and worldwide! (sniffle)

That tearful fundraising is accompanied by Voicent covering Shafira’s “Only hope” as background music. Shazams are seen crying; some just hold their tears, and some crying out loud. By the time the fundraising ends, Edho and the audience have stopped crying.

Edho: That sure was a touching fundraising for our princess, isn’t it, ma bro? OK, that concludes tonight’s show! Thank you for all of you audience who has listened till the very end, and all of you Sobat Hits who live-streamed from their homes! This is Edho Zell, signing out, and please welcome, one last performance from Kania Yasyfa and our boys, SOS’2X16! Thank you, and thank you for being you! XOXO!!!

#HitsPerform: Kania Yasyfa – “If love was a crime”, followed by SOS’2X16 – “Party all night (Sleep all day)”

It is now 11PM.

Edho: Aw, come on, my girl. You must be tired. Come, let me drive you home. Tomorrow you stay with Ayu as I embark on my journey to the Acropolis of Athens to save Medina’s dear old cousin. Agree?
Kania: (snores in fatigue)
Edho: Hm. (smiles)

That concludes episode 247. Tomorrow is the last part of the Greek story where Trolls vs. Scullabies sparked and Edho saved Nadya.


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