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TCoH 4, Episode 247

September 3, 2016

(“Don’t” by Ed Sheeran plays on Edho’s cell phone)
Edho: Hello? Kania?
Kania (on phone): Yes, what is it, Kang Edho?
Edho: Have you confirmed what songs will you perform at the concert?
Kania: I’ve thought about it. I will perform “Sing”, “Don’t”, and my hit single “If love was a crime”.
Edho: Wow, I never thought you liked Ed Sheeran. You proved it by singing his two songs.
Kania: I am a big fan of him. I also can rap. You wanna hear it?
Edho: Don’t mind if I do.
(Kania raps the second verse of Ed Sheeran’s “Sing”)

Edho takes another look at the Acropolis of Athens as he drives his way to the Olympic Indoor Hall, the venue of SOS’2X16’s charity concert. He is welcomed by Alekos Konstapopoulos, the concert’s manager.

Edho: Kalispera.
Alekos: Kalispera to you too. What gives?
Edho: My friend wants to perform in SOS’2X16’s concert.
Alekos: Kania Yasyfa? The British-Indonesian girl? I’m a big fan! Yes, Kania will be performing in the Indonesian boy band’s fundraising concert for dear little Shafira. She needs 9 more days before she can get out of hospital. Come on. The show is almost open.

Stay tuned for part 2 tonight as Edho hosts SOS’2X16: Woo~ Sixteen Tour.

Kania, born Khairunia Yasyfa Husnayain, is Greek-British from paternal side and Indonesian from maternal side. No wonder she has fair skin complexion and big brown eyes. Her idol in music is Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, and Ne-Yo.


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