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TCoH 4, Episode 248

September 4, 2016

Just to make a long story short once again…

Making his way to the Acropolis of Athens, Edho succesfully made Nadya snap out of possession and saves the Greek national treasure; the Olympic Flame. During the fight, Edho is encouraged by Arap, Andovi, Ardina, Kevin, Jovial, Aulion, Dhino, Devina, Vendry, Tommy, Bena, Marlo, and Usama. Unfortunately, our younger Heroes can’t watch the battle as they have to spend most of their time watching over Shafira at the hospital.

After Nadya is saved from possession, Kania invites our Heroes for moussaka and baklava at her dad’s.

EPILOGUE: The Trolls took revenge on the Scullabies by sparking a rivalry, starting from the Estonian story tomorrow.

– Edho Zell Pratama
– Benazio Rizki Putra
– Marlo Randy Ernesto Noya
– Usama Harbatah
– Khairunia Yasyfa Husnayain
– Alekos Konstapopoulos
– Reza Oktovian (recurring)
– Azevedo Andovireska Adikara da Lopez (recurring)
– Nurul Ardina Putri (recurring)
– Kevin Anggara Wirawan (recurring)
– Antonino Infloreska Jovialsra da Lopez (recurring)
– Aulia Rizsa Wirizqi (recurring)
– Dhino Haryo Wibisono (recurring)
– Devina Aurel (recurring)
– Vendryana Ayu Larasati (recurring)
– Thomas Matthew Limmm (recurring)
– Ayudhia Putri Farhani


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