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TCoH 4, Episode 254

September 10, 2016

While rowing in the flooded streets of Tallinn, Tasya discovers the hideout of Mrs. Meta, who asked to hand over Pear for causing the floods. Seeing that just makes Tasya cry alone.

Mrs. Meta: I got him [Pear] now!
Mr. Vallen: Good! He’ll be no match against my Rowlet!
Mr. Akbar: With his Water-type energy drained, we’ll rule the world! Even if it’s without Roni and Vega.
Mrs. Meta, Mr. Vallen, and Mr. Akbar: HAAAAAA-HAHAHAHAHA!
Mr. Akbar: (stops laughing) Wait. Why are we laughing?

Back at the office…

Kania: Back so early?
Tasya: (breaks down into tears and lays her head on the work desk)
Kania: Aw, come on. I never saw you cry like this before.
Tasya: It’s Mrs. Meta, Kan… she took Pear… (sniffle)
Kania: WHAT?! Mrs. Meta? My civics teacher? Took Pear? Tas, this is… this is critical! You’ve got to save Pear now!
Tasya: (stops crying) Good idea. Come on! To Saaremaa!

At Scullabies’ headquarters in the island of Saaremaa…

Mr. Akbar: This is our best day ever!
Mr. Vallen: Without Pear in our life, there will be no water-related disasters ever again in Estonia!
Mrs. Meta: What are you talking about?
Mr. Akbar and Mr. Vallen: (with a full mouth) Hm?
Mrs. Meta: I am the one taking control of Pear and making him cause floods all over the country. You shouldn’t blame him for that.
Mr. Akbar and Mr. Vallen: YOU DID?!
(the men face the camera)
Mr. Akbar: (whispers) Geez! I thought she’d never do this!
Mr. Vallen: (whispers) We have to have a Pokemon battle after dinner! Here’s the plan… was wes wos…
Mrs. Meta: What now?
Mr. Akbar and Mr. Vallen: (gasp)
Mrs. Meta: No, really. I took control of Pear and I have to drain his energy so Tasya will never see him again.
Mr. Akbar and Mr. Vallen: (groan)
Mrs. Meta: Forgive me, please, for my lies.

What will happen to Pear next? Will Tasya see him again?


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