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TCoH 4, Episode 257 (complete story)

September 14, 2016

Our Heroes are staying at Riga with Abiel and Faiz.

Abiel: Tea, girls?
Fina: Yes, thank you. (drinks a cupful of lemon tea)
Hasna: Hey Abiel, I heard Shafira is holding her first ever tour?
Abiel: I never thought about it. The girl is coming… soon~

Just as Abiel wants to finish his talk, a girl about the same age as Fina breaks in to their room. She is none other than Shafira.

Shafira: Hi, guys!
Fina: (gasps) SHAFIRA?! You’ve healed?
Shafira: Fina! Yes, thanks to the fund they collected at SOS’2X16’s tour, I healed quickly. You see, my dad looked for a doctor who could heal my wounds and make my skin normal again.
Hasna and Maul: (looked at each other, then shook heads)
Shafira: I’m glad to make your acquaintance. I’m not here to give jokes or what, but I’m here to discuss about my upcoming Conspiracy Tour, celebrating the release of my debut album, “Conspiracy”.
Maul: You’re a star, Shafira!
Shafira: Indeed. For this concert, I will invite girl group Leviathan, and newcomer singer Raditiyo Putra. You guys know Tyo, he has a wonderful voice.


Mr. Akbar and his colleagues are planning something.



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