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TCoH 4, Episodes 255-257

September 14, 2016

Episode 255:
Beginning of the Latvian story. Fina and Orange woke up to their amazement, experiencing the Eternal Winter with Hasna, Maul, Kumquat, and Arcanine. Just as soon as Mr. Akbar determined to kill Orange for causing the Eternal Winter all over Latvia, we were introduced to Abiel Taqwa, the pianist in “Only hope”. Shafira, who had healed, broke in, and sang along with Abiel for her Conspiracy Tour.

Episode 256:
Our Heroes have snow activities in Jurmala as part of the “Only hope” music video. Things go wrong when Mr. Akbar, Mrs. Meta, and Mr. Vallen speed-skate and cover the girls in snow, causing many retakes. As dusk approached, Fina met Abiel and he invited her to his concert hall. She was introduced to his friend, Faiz Nurzahran Usmanto. Faiz can play the saxophone.

Episode 257:
Much to Fina’s amazement, Shafira came to the hotel Fina was staying at in Riga. Her hair couldn’t have ever been beautiful, with that light brown hue. Shafira talked a lot about her upcoming Conspiracy Tour, saying her agency will invite girl group Leviathan and newcomer artist Raditiyo Putra.

Complete story of episode 257 coming soon!


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