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Snippet of Lithuanian story

September 17, 2016

Mid-test is approaching, but that doesn’t stop me from writing TCoH 4.

Fed up with me being reminded by Hani and Nadiefa for not jumping off the stairs like a traceur, Ghafiki decided to hit them on the spot. He then took me away with his “wings”. Meanwhile, Aulion and Dhino try a basketball game in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Ghafiki then taught me how to play parkour like Khalid. He has been studying parkour for 2 years and it’s still ongoing. I stopped playing parkour after seeing Khalid doing a front flip off the stairs and bleeding so much, leaving me traumatized. From there we become dudes again.

Upon hearing about a dodgeball contest, we decide we will participate with Aulion and Dhino, with Mr. Vega as our coach. But you wouldn’t believe the opposing team…

– The Lithuanian story is the first TCoH 4 story that focuses on me. It focuses on me, Ghafiki, and Aulion.
– Ghafiki is revealed to have a Grovyle, whom he raised as a Treecko that he got for his 18th birthday.
– I am revealed to have a Heracross.
– Me, Ghafiki, Aulion, and Dhino will participate in a dodgeball contest that takes place in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Major cast:
– Aulia Rizsa Wirizqi
– Dhino Haryo Wibisono
– Yudhistira Widad Mahasena (me)
– Ghafiki
– Talitha Sahda Nabilah
– Muhammad Octavega Nurrizki
– Hanifah Khairunnisa
– Nadiefa Hasna Shabiya
– Heracross (mine)
– Grandpa Lemon (Ghafiki’s)
– Grovyle (Ghafiki’s)
– Dedenne (Sahda’s)
– Hariyama (Mr. Vega’s)
– Bartlett Pear (Hani’s)
– Meowstic (Nadiefa’s, female)


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