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TCoH 4, Episode 261

September 17, 2016

Just to make a long story short…

Mr. Akbar broke into our girls’ headquarters, controlled Orange, melted all the ice in Latvia, and took him to the local Pokemon jail, leaving Fina and Hasna in tears since he took Kumquat as well. Maul, saying she didn’t care, saw her Arcanine tracking down Mr. Akbar’s RV, with him, Mrs. Meta, and Mr. Vallen in it. Off our Heroes go, across the farmlands of Latvia.

Good news, Mr. Roni cancelled taking leave, after saying he will take leave to Japan for a family purpose. He can’t stand the situation when Mr. Mizi took over his job as the economics teacher in Alcent-BS, both in TCoH 4 and real life.

At the Scullabies’ headquarters, Mr. Akbar put 3 mysterious bottles in front of Mrs. Meta and Mr. Vallen. OK, maybe can add up to 4.

Mr. Akbar: Haven’t you heard when I put these body wash bottles in front of you?
Mrs. Meta and Mr. Vallen: No…
Mr. Akbar: Shafira Zachrany’s Conspiracy Tour is kicking off on October 1! And it is sponsored by this. Biore Experience Body Foam Special Edition: A Head Full of Dreams!
Mrs. Meta: Seriously, Bar? You are a Shazam and a Coldplay fan at the same time?
Mr. Akbar: (angrily) Shut up, Met! (calmed down) OK, forgive my emotions. This, as you can see, is Shafira’s favorite brand of body wash. Comes in 3 different variants; Adventure of a Lifetime, Hymn for the Weekend, and Up and Up. A new variant, A Head Full of Dreams, will be released in a week.
Mr. Vallen: (Seriously, are we sponsored as well???)

Mr. Akbar then explained about the product he put on the Scullabies table.

Forest Bless – Adventure of a Lifetime
with Rainforest and Orchid Aroma
“Absorbing nature’s wisdom to gently cleanse your skin and maintain its smoothness.”

Dancing Beach – Hymn for the Weekend
with Tropical Fruit and Beach Aroma
“Feel the fun and energize your skin daily with an extra leather for a fresher skin.”

Exotic Cinnamon – Up and Up
with Cinnamon and Nature Aroma
“Pleasure your skin daily with spa-like indulgence that gently caresses your skin.”

Meanwhile, our girls expressed their angers for Mr. Akbar.

Fina: I can’t believe it! Mr. Akbar really took Orange and stabbed him with his knife!
Hasna: Exactly! Not to mention our unfinished music video project for “Only hope”!
Fina: Oh, what should we do? Can we tell Abiel and Faiz about that? I’m so steaming mad about that!
Maul: (exploding in anger) You guys! Can you two stop fighting?!
Fina: We’re not fighting.
Hasna: Mr. Akbar just set us up right now. Look. He even took my friend Kumquat!
Maul: Fine, if that’s what you feel… good thing he hasn’t taken Arcanine.

Background Music:
Shawn Mendes vs. Ellie Goulding – “Burn you better”


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