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TCoH 4, Episode 262

September 18, 2016

The last part of the Latvian story.

Mr. Akbar: (as if taking care of Orange very well) Here, birdie. Eat up. You must be hungry.
Orange: (munches happily)
Mr. Akbar: (chuckles)
Mrs. Meta: You do care much about Orange, do you, Bar?
Mr. Akbar: I am pretty much an expert in this! After this will give Orange a shower!

At the countryside near Jurmala…

Fina: Has?
Hasna: Yes, Fin?
Fina: Do my ears deceive me?
Hasna: You can say that again.
Fina: Mr. Akbar is trying to give Orange a shower!
Maul: So? (still apathetic)
Fina: Orange is a Fire-type! He can’t stand showers or Water-type attacks! Oh my God, what do we do? We gotta do something… (rushing angrily to the Scullabies’ hideout)
Hasna: Wait, Fina! We’ll come with you.
Maul: That’s right, girl. We’ll never leave you.
Fina: Fine, if that’s what you want…

It’s not like Orange will be killed in just a shower. Mr. Akbar also put Kumquat in his bathtub for long. Even worse, Kumquat is a dual-type Fire/Rock. Both types are weak to Water-type moves, so it’s possible both Orange and Kumquat will die from showers and baths.

Part 2 coming up next.


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