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TCoH 4, Episode 263 (part 2)

September 19, 2016

That evening, after taking me to the place where he stays in Vilnius and doing his Maghrib prayer, Ghafiki does his parkour routine without Hani and Nadiefa noticing.

Background music: “I’ve been waiting” by Donny Montell

Hani: Please, turn off the music, Ghaf… we want to sleep…
Ghafiki: But I want to play parkour without disturbing you with the music.
Nadiefa: You heard Hani, Ghaf. Turn off the music… tomorrow we have to practice dodgeball…
Ghafiki: (a bit angry) Fine.

Ghafiki is perfecting his “Nice Stance” when he saw his one and only, Sahda.

Sahda: Ghafiki?
Ghafiki: S-Sahda? What are you doing here, sweetie?
Sahda: Nothing. I was told by Kang Yoyon and Kang Dhino to check out the venue for the upcoming basketball contest.
Ghafiki: But that Hani girl said dodgeball.
Sahda: Whatever. BTW, why are you up so late at night?
Ghafiki: I’m perfecting my “Nice Stance” so I can teach Yudhis to do it. “Nice Stance” is a move inspired by Donny Montell’s dance moves back in Eurovision 2016, when he represented Lithuania.
Sahda: Really? I am Donny’s big fan. I love his dance moves.

It turned out romantic.


Aulion: Boy, it sure is a tiring day, eh, dude?
Dhino: Yep. There’s nothing better than a box of grape juice after we went back from the basketball game.
Aulion: I prefer apple juice, but it’s OK. Look now how Ghafiki practices parkour really playfully, carrying his girlfriend as if she’s fainted, then front flips, and ends with a Greninja-like stance. He calls it the “Nice Stance”.
Dhino: I never thought about that. (twirls Aulion’s basketball on his finger)

Background music: “I’ve been waiting/All of me” by Donny Montell vs. John Legend (mashup)

Stay tuned tomorrow as our Yellow Team Heroes practice basketball – or dodgeball, it is. They will practice with me, Ghafiki, and Sahda.


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