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TCoH 4, Episode 263

September 19, 2016

As I said before, mid-test doesn’t stop me from writing TCoH 4. This time, I will continue to the Lithuanian story.

One morning, Aulion is playing basketball in a basketball court in Vilnius, Lithuania. He is playing alone until Dhino approached him.

Dhino: Hey, Yon.
Aulion: Oh, hey, Dhin.
Dhino: Is that a basketball?
Aulion: Why yes, indeed. It’s not to legally visit Lithuania without trying a basketball game.
Dhino: Hey, can I play along?
Aulion: Of course.

Along the hours the men spend with playing basketball.
Meanwhile, at a school, not far from the basketball court…

Mr. Montvydas (named after Donny Montell): Guys, soon there will be a dodgeball match between this school and another school in Siauliai. 8 students will represent Vilnius, 2 of which are from Indonesia. Those are… Hani, Nadiefa, Donatas, Dmitrijus, Andrius, Vilija, Anastasija, and Paulina…
Hani: That’s me!
Mr. Montvydas: Exactly. Now tell me, have you ever played dodgeball before?
Students: No…
Mr. Montvydas: Well, why don’t you practice first. You will be coached by my friend from Indonesia, Muhammad Octavega Nurrizki. He might not be a PE teacher, but he’s got that look that would make him a great coach.
Students: (in amazement) Wow!

5 hours has passed, and Aulion and Dhino still enjoy their basketball game, accompanied by Mufida, Najla, Bryan, and Sahda. At this episode, Sahda is revealed to own a Dedenne.

As mentioned before, I am involved in this story. Here comes the not-so fun part…

When I practice parkour by jumping off the stairs, Hani is very angry at me. So does Nadiefa.

Hani: Yudhis, can you please don’t jump off the stairs?! That’s dangerous!
Me: But I’m not doing anything. I just have to practice parkour so I can be brave like Khalid…
Nadiefa: Yud, parkour needs practice. No traceur is successful without practice. You need to have determination, talent, and respect for your teacher.
Me: (remain silent)

Just as soon as I am trying to remain silent, Ghafiki comes from nowhere, possibly from XI MIA 10.

Ghafiki: Enough!
Hani: Are you talking to me, you snot-nosed kid?
Ghafiki: Just because you reminded my dude not to jump off the stairs like a traceur doesn’t mean that Nadiefa girl has to remind him as well!
Nadiefa: Forget it, Ghaf! He’s not even your dude anymore!
Ghafiki: You can’t say that again.
Nadiefa: Because his dad said so!
Ghafiki: You can’t say anything bad about Yudhis! He’s my dude and will still be one, no matter what his dad says! (hits Hani, then sends out Grovyle) Grovyle! Leaf Blade!
(Grovyle uses Needle Arm on Nadiefa, harming her) Come on, dude, let’s get out of here!
(takes me away with his “wings”)

At the mountains of Lithuania, near Marijampole.

Ghafiki: You know how it feels when your dad says I can’t be your dude anymore?
Me: What?
Ghafiki: I was so angry! He said we’ve never been friends and I denied it!
Me: That’s OK. Forget about the world, we’re still best dudes from the first time I met you in pre-school.
Ghafiki: That’s the spirit. Come on, we can be dudes again. Deal?
Me: Deal! (tying pinky fingers)

We slept over at the mountains.


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