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Snippet of Belarusian story

September 23, 2016

Usually I give snippets of a TCoH 4 story every Saturday, but this week I decide to give it earlier since I’m feeling unwell today. Next week is the Belarusian story.

Our dragon-jocking Heroes; Dzaky, Shafira, and Ayu are busy training their dragons for the annual dragon racing tournament in Minsk, Belarus. During the training, they met aspiring singer Raditiyo Putra (or Tyo as I get to know him). Seeing Tyo just reminds Shafira of something; her Conspiracy Tour is coming on Saturday and she must practice hard for that. She also confesses about her skin problems to Tyo, saying she can’t stand having a dull rough skin at the concert.

On the other side, however…
Devina, Vendry, and Tommy are setting the course of the dragon racing tournament. Here they meet Rivaldi, a young barista serving sweet coffee for everyone in Minsk, and the boys from LKT (hi Fadhil!). As Heroes, sometimes older ones need to look over for the younger ones, and Devina becomes Shafira’s mentor in the tournament. These two women would also discover Devina’s roots in this Land of Junior Eurovision.

Mr. Roni, still in a feud with Mr. Mizi, wants to apologize, but he doesn’t know how. They would later try to work together by stealing Lunala and Solgaleo eggs in the 9th and 10th legs.

Abiel and Faiz return, this time as partners with Shafira.

Raditiyo is revealed to have a band with Ryzzaki, Ragil, and Rifka. They are known as R4, taken from the first letter of their names.

Major cast:
– Devina Aurel
– Vendryana Ayu Larasati
– Thomas Matthew Limmm
– Muhammad Dzaky Fakhruddin
– Shafira Putri Zachrany
– Ayudhia Putri Farhani
– Raditiyo Putra Jaya Ramadhan (debut)
– Roni Saftari
– Abiel Taqwa Mahardika
– Faiz Nurzahran Usmanto
– Rivaldi Febiana
– Ryzzaki Putra Hermawan Terinom
– Ragil Pusaka Mukti Karunia Putra
– Muhammad Rifka Yanika Al Fairusi
– Grapefruit (Dzaky’s)
– Salamence (Shafira’s)
– Mega Charizard Y (Ayu’s)
and many more.


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