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TCoH 4, Episode 268

September 24, 2016

Sorry for not posting in the last 2 days; yesterday I fell ill after tripping in a gutter near the Department of Chemistry in ITB and fainting. Alhamdulillah, I healed quickly and am ready for the next episode.

The day before the D-day when Hani and Nadiefa are ready to compete in the annual dodgeball contest…

Hani: What’s the big deal? You’re teaching Yudhis dangerous things all these years, like liking military vehicles and karate… I won’t allow such thing to my crush!
Ghafiki: Forget it! You’re not even his crush anymore! (to me) Isn’t that right, dude?
Me: Ummm… yes. (embarrassed)
Hani: I’ve HAD IT! (now to Aulion) Kang Yoyon, can I borrow your basketball first?
Ghafiki: (whispering) Hey dude, do you think Hani is off her rocker this way?
Me: (whispering) Exactly. I wonder what’s she’s doing? And what’s so great about her home state of dumb old Texas? (referring to the joke we used to tell a lot in our secondary school years about Spongebob harrassing Sandy by telling bad Texas jokes. But it didn’t result in a long bicker. Hani became steaming angry fast, and attempted a ball throw)
Hani: Alright, you snot-nosed boys! You better act quick before I throw my revenge at you! (tries to throw a ball)
Ghafiki: Run, dude! Run!
Me: I can’t run! My legs are still healing and Hani is really angry!
Ghafiki: Who cares?! Just run and do the things I taught you!

I ran as fast as I can as Aulion’s basketball flew all over the country. Even if I had to run in the middle of the road. But to no luck, a train heading straight to Kaunas struck me, and I suffered from serious injuries. I fainted once again, and the ball got lost anyway.

Hani and Ghafiki bicker once again.


Aulion: Mr. Vega, we’re sorry. We didn’t mean no harm.
Dhino: We were just having fun until our friend is struck by a train heading towards Kaunas.
Mr. Vega: Train? Kaunas? That’s where we’re heading tomorrow.
Aulion: Hmmm.
Dhino: Hmmm.
Mr. Vega: You don’t understand? Fine. Tomorrow you’re coming with me. You’re also competing.


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