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TCoH 4, Episode 269

September 25, 2016

It’s the D-day. Aulion’s dodgeball team has to continue the game without me, who is being hospitalized. There isn’t even a substitute player.

After an incident Hani threw TNT that Mr. Vega mistook as a basketball and gave to her, everyone was exposed to the very hot sparks and fainted on the field. Everyone was scared, including the Scullabies.

Everyone blames on Mr. Vega for giving Hani a ball-shaped TNT. They become upset and don’t want to talk to him.

Suddenly, a miracle happened. Behind the smoke and ashes of the remains of the basketball field, I appeared and dodged every ball Hani and Nadiefa threw. After that, everyone wakes up and I am crowned as a hero.

The episode ends with no snack.

NEXT WEEK: Belarusian story
(with Devina, Shafira, Mr. Roni, the LKT boys, and Raditiyo)

NOTE: Episode 267 was supposed to be written, but I fell ill 2 days ago. In that episode, when Aulion and Dhino search the forests of Lithuania for a new basketball for the former, accompanied by Kania, they found a steppe eagle (which happened to be Gladys). Having her wearing a black zentai suit that Dhino held before she got possessed and turned into the eagle, she turned black as a crow. So it WAS Gladys after all.


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