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TCoH 4, Episodes 270-272

September 28, 2016

Episode 270:
Dzaky, Shafira, and Ayu prepare for the annual dragon racing tournament in Minsk when Devina, Vendry, and Tommy went to solve a dragon-slaying case. While discovering her Belarusian roots, Devina meets Shafira and helps her practice for her upcoming Conspiracy Tour on Saturday.

Episode 271:
Shafira unveils her secret for having a melodious voice; STMJ. Short for susu telur madu jahe, literally milk, egg, honey, and ginger.

Episode 272:
Devina and Shafira discuss about the shooting of her very first movie, “Embrace”. The shooting procession will take place on October 3-9, 2016. Also, they keep on practicing for her tour and the tournament.


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