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TCoH 4, Episode 277

Oktober 3, 2016

Once again, to make a long story short…

Medina, Kirana, and the other Hits Academy Europe students are having a study tour around Kiev, Ukraine, to dedicate themselves to the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2017. But, Medina and Kirana aren’t feeling happy about that.

Chandra: What is it, girls? Why don’t you go and join our future Heroes?
Medina: We’re sorry we’re not feeling well.
Kirana: Because…
Medina and Kirana: It’s another case regarding the Scullabies!

Chandra then explains about the case because he already knows it. The key to the National Art Museum of Ukraine is stolen. Some say it’s one of Mr. Vallen’s Pokemon. Whatever it is, it’s shaped like a key (he might be referring to Klefki).

Meanwhile, Scullabies members Mrs. Meta, Mr. Akbar, and Mr. Vallen plan to assault our Heroes’ Pokefruit again. This time, Mr. Vallen wants to kill Medina’s Midget Apple and turn him into a salad. To make sure their identities are not unveiled by the Ukrainian police, they planned a disguise.

Hours has passed, and Kirana is hungry. She took Medina to a restaurant that, oddly enough, for Ukrainian people, sells Malaysian food. They ate heartily. Medina ordered mee goreng (Malaysian fried noodles). Kirana ordered nasi goreng and a big glass of teh tarik. Teh tarik is an Indian-influenced drink in Malaysia, made from tea and milk, usually condensed milk.

After that, they met a museum curator, taking them to the National Art Museum of Ukraine, using a substitute key. Medina and Kirana enjoyed themselves in the place, but Kirana is the most passionate for art; she knows about Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night. They are 2 of the most recognized paintings from the Renaissance. She loves painting and drawing in her spare time.

But Medina and Kirana might be hungry for more mee goreng and teh tarik. Join them in the next part of this Ukrainian story.


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