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TCoH 4, Episode 281

Oktober 7, 2016

This episode takes place near Hoverla, the same spot where the Scullabies begin Operation Kill Midget Apple.

Medina and Kirana stay at Shafira’s big sister’s place. Her name? Shabrina Alifia Rachmany. She is 21 years old and owns a lodge for the hikers to sleep over in. So while the Scullabies enjoy their pop punk party at the top, our Heroes stay at Shabrina’s lodge and have fun.

This morning, Kirana just finished having her shower when… a horde of black rats corner her!

Kirana: Help! Help!
Medina: (rushes to the bathroom with her mouth full of toothpaste) What is it, Kir?
Kirana: Th-th-there… (pointing to the bathroom floor)
Medina: Rats?! (sighs) I already doubted it. This calls for a battle! (sends out Midget Apple) Midget Apple! I CHOOSE YOU!
(Midget Apple comes out of his Poke Ball)
Midget Apple: It’s Little Apple!
Medina: Dragon Tail! Let’s go!
(Midget Apple’s tail glows purple, and he slashes the rats viciously, causing damage)

After that, in the dining room…

Shabrina: I heard about Mr. Vallen from you. My sister knows him, and he is her math teacher. There were rumors about him wanting to kill all Grass-type Pokemon, including your Midget Apple.
Medina: He prefers the term “Little Apple”, but it’s OK.
Shabrina: Now, Mr. Vallen and his two sidekicks are on top of Hoverla planning yet another part of Operation Kill Midget Apple. He says he also wants to kill Kirana’s Gaming Grape, who happens to be part Grass-type…
Kirana: No way! That’s unfair!
Shabrina: Now you better get over there, or there will be no more mee goreng and air sirap bandung laici for you. Mr. Vallen just ate and drank the last ones.
Medina and Kirana: We’re ready!

P.S.: In case you have wondered, who is the Character of the Month in this October. It’s none other than Hasna Lathifah, who in real life is admired for her long black hair. She is Fina’s best friend in the Red Team. For further story, find out in the Romanian story, from October 17-25, 2016.

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