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Leg 9 of TCoH 4

Oktober 8, 2016

Lunala and Solgaleo’s eggs have been stolen from the British Museum! It’s up to our Heroes to get the Scullabies and the Trolls back for the eggs.

Due to this, Chief Liow (who STILL wants to be called by his name) decided he would divide our Heroes into separate teams.

Team Lunala: Ardina, Fina, Devina, Edho, Aulion (against the Scullabies)
Team Solgaleo: Dzaky, Arap, Tasya, Medina, Mufida (against the Trolls)

Team Lunala’s story is included in the 9th leg, while Team Solgaleo’s story is included in the 10th and last leg.

Leg 9:
– Moldova (Ardina)
– Romania (Fina)
– Bulgaria (Devina)
– Russia (Edho)
– Kazakhstan (Aulion)

Ardina will go against Mr. Vallen.
Fina will go against Mr. Akbar.
Devina will go against Mr. Roni.
Edho will go against Mrs. Meta.
Aulion will go against Mr. Vega.

BTW, sorry if I rarely posted TCoH 4 these times. I’m busy with “Embrace”, another big hit for Centmove 2016.

About Lunala
(source taken from
Lunala is a large Pokemon resembling a skeletal, legless bat. It has a short snout, dark pink eyes, and a deep blue area on its upper head that shows a constantly changing starscape. A rigid, raised hood wraps around its head in a crescent shape and drapes around its neck as well. The outside of its hood is yellow, while that inner part that curves around Lunala’s head is a pattern of deep blue and white streaks. Its torso resembles a ribcage with a slightly curved spike on each shoulder and three spikes extending from the bottom toward its tail. Lunala is the only Pokemon capable of learning Moongeist Beam.


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