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TCoH 4, Episode 283

Oktober 9, 2016

The battle between Medina and Kirana and Mr. Vallen continued to spark as the rest of our Heroes rushed to the spot just to watch.

Medina: Delphox, use Flamethrower!
(Delphox uses Flamethrower on Rowlet, being super-effective)
Kirana: Grape, Shadow Sneak!
(Gaming Grape uses Shadow Sneak on Mr. Vallen’s Exeggutor)
Mr. Vallen: Humph. Fine. You’re the boss of me. But I won’t give up fast. This is how Pokemon, um, Pokefruit, should be battling. Now, Rowlet! Aerial Ace!

It never ends until…
Rowlet and Exeggutor both fainted on Mr. Vallen’s hands, rendering them unable to battle. Mr. Vallen, of course, was very angry, and clenched his fists on our Heroes when…

Shabrina: WAIT! (slams the door open) Can’t you see what have you done, Sir? You just killed every Grass-type Pokemon in Ukraine just to turn them into a salad?! It’s not good! Grass-type Pokemon are strictly protected! You can’t just kill them and have fun!
Mr. Vallen: But I’m not killing them! I just wanna make food so they are not starving!
Shabrina: Think about it again, Sir. You wanna make salad? Using Midget Apple? And all of the Grass-type Pokemon?! In a machine that absorbs every known Grass-type moves? Snap out of it, Sir! We don’t want you to become mad!
Mr. Vallen: OK, OK. I’m wrong. Forgive me, Medina. I’ve tried to kill Midget Apple all these years. But you won’t let me get away next time!
Medina: You’re already forgiven, Sir.
Mr. Vallen: And as for you, Kirana, my girl. For convincing me to not kill your Gaming Grape, I will give you the promised mee goreng for a snack before you headed off for your next adventure!
Kirana: (excited) Yaaay! Mee goreng!
Mr. Vallen: Mr. Akbar cooked it.

And as the conclusion, our Heroes stayed at Mr. Vallen’s place and enjoyed mee goreng and STMJ. Kirana’s was even more special than her friends; Mr. Vallen and Mr. Akbar even fried an egg on top of it with some prawn chips! She was very happy. And so did the rest of our Heroes!


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