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TCoH 4, Episode 284

Oktober 10, 2016

The episode began with the Scullabies waking up early in the morning when Mr. Akbar found a mysterious egg in the living room.

Mr. Akbar: Hey, guys! Look!
(the other Scullabies rushed to the living room)
Mr. Vallen: That’s a weird egg.
Mrs. Meta: Yes. Weird. I’ve never seen such egg.
Mr. Vega: Listen here, comrades. We don’t know what egg is this. Maybe it came from a museum at its showcase day???
Mr. Akbar: You’ve all heard Vega. What if we take this egg away and–
Mr. Mizi: (from outside) Ding-a-ling! We came just in time just to tell you something.
Mr. Roni: What is it, Mizi, and can’t we wait until we get to work?!
Mr. Mizi: (shocked, frightened) Um… actually, we found this egg tumbling down from its glass menagerie in a museum. We don’t know what egg is this, so we picked it up and decided we took it away.
Mr. Sofwan: Precisely. Who knows what animal will hatch from this egg…
Mr. Akbar: Shut up, Sofwan. (to the Scullabies) How about we really take this egg, bring it someplace those Heroes don’t know, and sell it. We could probably get as much as a lot of Indonesian rupiahs and roll in dough!
Mrs. Meta: That’s a bad idea out there, Bar, but… interesting!

Chandra: (from the speakers) Attention all Heroes! Report to the boardroom quickly! I repeat, all Heroes report to the boardroom!

At the boardroom…
Chandra: I’ve just got news from the British Museum. You see, there were 2 legendary Pokemon eggs in the museum. Somehow they tumbled, and this morning, a museum curator saw 10 people took the eggs away.
Fina: That could have been the Trolls and Scullabies! They’re trying to work together for money!
Chandra: Precisely. That’s why we need you guys to work together and go to the last 10 countries we know in Europe before this sub-series (TCoH 5: Homecoming is now rescheduled to release in 2018, and our Heroes’ Asian-Pacific adventures is now a part of TCoH 4 too) ends. Now everybody line up! (our Heroes line up) I’m going to divide you into 2 teams. Team Lunala, comprising of Ardina, Fina, Devina, Edho, and Aulion. You travel the rest of Eastern Europe and track down the Scullabies who stole the Lunala egg. Team Solgaleo, comprising of Dzaky, Arap, Tasya, Medina, and Mufida. Travel the Caucasus and Minor Asia region and track down the Trolls, who stole the Solgaleo egg. That way we can rescue Gladys and Uncle Tato quickly. Understand?
All Heroes: Understood, Chief!
Chandra: That’s the spirit! And stop calling me Chief!

In the first part of this Moldovan story, Ardina, Jovial, and Kevin discussed everything they know about the upcoming Alcent Parents’ Day and HTSS Charity Concert. They had to practice dancing for a flash mob. They even met Raisa.


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