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Major events in the Romanian story

Oktober 15, 2016

Major events:
– Our Heroes learn that Hasna’s place is burned by a Pokemon, and so they must donate to get her place back as it was in Romania.
– Mr. Vallen breaks free from prison to stay with the Scullabies.
– Mr. Akbar is reunited with his childhood friend, Mrs. Wine Mediani.
– This story focuses on Hasna.
– Hasna wears her pajamas the entire story.
– Mr. Akbar’s Litten is revealed to have evolved into a Torracat.
– Hasna’s Obnoxious Kumquat is abducted by Mr. Akbar in the Hunyad Castle, Transylvania, Romania.

– If you look closely at the last point in the major events, when her place is on fire, Hasna was still wearing her pink pajamas. Once it was worn, she doesn’t take it off for the rest of the story, except for some parts including when she is taking a shower.
– Also, this is the first time Hasna is shown taking a shower. She showers naturally in this story, as her zentai suits are burned.

Major cast:
– Hasna Lathifah
– Afiany Nur Fadilah
– Maulani Salsabila
– Muhammad Akbar Singh
– Wine Mediani
– Valentino Rizky Pamuji
– Meta Inmasari Tarigan
– Annoying Orange (Fina’s)
– Arcanine (Maul’s)
– Obnoxious Kumquat (Hasna’s)
– Torracat (Mr. Akbar’s; newly evolved)
– Fletchinder (Mrs. Wine’s)


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