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Snippet of Romanian story

Oktober 15, 2016

Hasna’s place is burned!

Our Heroes are devastated upon hearing the news. Hasna, my real-life friend and the TCoH 4 character who is notable for her long black hair that shines at the end of her waist, has her place set on fire. Now she has to stay at her relative’s house. Oddly enough, at the time her house is burned, Hasna had nothing cooking for dinner. There wasn’t even a short circuit.

Have you ever imagined Hasna wearing pajamas in a whole TCoH 4 story? I sure had. Hasna has nothing left in her place. Her guitar is burned, her fridge is blackened, her 100-year-old teddy bear collection is brought down to ashes, even her zentai suit collection is already shapeless. Her Obnoxious Kumquat, he went nowhere.

But that calls for a case from Chief Liow as at the time Hasna’s place is burned, someone stole Count Dracula’s fangs. Count Dracula is a famous Romanian fairy tale character. Without his fangs, he won’t have anything to suck blood with, because that’s what makes Count Dracula… Count Dracula.

After Mr. Vallen successfully breaks free from prison because of the Scullaby Secret, he decides to commit more crime regarding the Lunala egg. This time, Mr. Akbar is in charge. He runs his restaurant in Transylvania. He’s not kidding this time that he wants to kill Orange, but he says he also wants to kill Fina. Can she, Hasna, and Maul survive? Or are they stuck in a scary moment in Romania?

Find out in the Romanian story, focusing on Hasna.

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