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Preview of Romanian story

Oktober 16, 2016

This is just the preview of the Romanian story, which I will write starting from tomorrow.

Hasna: I… I… (cries) Waaaahahahahahah! I have nothing left now! Everything burned down to ashes! Waaaaah! Waaaaah! (cries even louder)
Fina: Did you have something cooking when your house burned down?
Hasna: No… (still crying)

Mr. Akbar: What do you want to drink? I’ll buy it for you! (takes a deep breath) There’s teh tarik, teh O ais, teh ais, sirap bandung, sirap limau…
Fina and Hasna: We’re fasting!
Mr. Akbar: (stops talking)

Mr. Akbar: Good to have you back, Sir.
Mr. Vallen: I know it. Scullabies like us will always try to break free from prison, however rusty the bars are.

List of Hasna’s favorite stuff that got burned:
– Her guitar
– Her 100-year-old teddy bear collection
– Her bookshelf
– Her fridge
– Her cell phone
– Her zentai suit collection that she wore for relaxing

Hasna’s place is burned by a Pokemon named Torracat. That better not be Mr. Akbar’s…

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