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Funeral traditions around the world

Oktober 17, 2016

No one will know, when we will die. Only God knows when we will die. But do you know that there are different funeral traditions around the world?

In Ghana, people make coffins which shapes relate to the job or thing related to the deceased person, or as what animal he or she would like to be reborn. A funeral is not a farewell to the late one, however it is considered as a road to a better world, so a festive coffin is made.

In India, they cremate dead bodies, then they spread their ashes in the Ganges River. Then, the left family, whether it be male or female of all ages, have to attend religious events for 13 days, eat sweet food, and don’t wear new clothes. On the third, fifth, seventh, and ninth days since death, every family will gather and eat the late’s favorite food.

There is a tribe in Madagascar that has a custom in which they release the remains of a dead body every 7 years and change his or her clothes with cleaner clothing. Aside from that, they don’t bury dead bodies in one hole, but rather making a family tomb chamber and bury them with other family members. They believe that even if a person is dead, he or she will stay with his or her family.

Tibetan people who believe in reincarnation put dead bodies in open hills to be eaten by wild birds that are considered sacred, so his or her spirit can reach nirvana or can be reborn in a rich and esteemed family.


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