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TCoH 4, Episode 291

Oktober 18, 2016

Uncle Tulo is planning a surprise for our girls. He asked them if they can go to Bulgaria next week to celebrate Deepavali. He then asked again why Hasna is still on her pajamas. Her clothes are all burned from yesterday’s incident, and Uncle Tulo asked our girls to make a donation. It will cost millions of Romanian lei and Bulgarian leva.

Fina, still looking at the Lunala egg, really wished the egg would hatch soon.

Meanwhile, upon our girls’ return to the Hunyad Castle, Hasna and her boyfriend Bayu enjoyed a romantic conversation.

Hasna: Bayu?
Bayu: Yes, Na? (Bayu calls Hasna ‘Nana’, like some of her friends call her)
Hasna: Will you think it’d be OK if I come to Bulgaria and celebrating Deepavali wearing my pajamas?
Bayu: I don’t think so. In Deepavali we have to wear our best clothes and shoes.
Hasna: But my clothes are all burned.
Bayu: All of them? Including your zentai collection?
Hasna: (nods politely)
Bayu: Na, listen. I know what you’re feeling about your house being burned. In any clothes, you are still my beautiful girlfriend.

(song: “Hingga nanti” by Vidi Aldiano and Andien)


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