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TCoH 4, Episode 292

Oktober 19, 2016

Main idea of this episode:

After having her lunch stolen by bandits, Hasna decides to leave our Heroes unexpectedly with Bayu by horse. They went on through Moldoveanu Peak, the highest peak in Romania, leaving Fina and Uncle Tulo by themselves. As for Maul, she went earlier to neighboring Craiova to discuss about this year’s Parents Day.

Is this an example of a romantic getaway? Hasna and Bayu got even more romantic as they ride Bayu’s horse, leaving Transylvania for a while.

The dialogue when Fina found out Hasna left Uncle Tulo’s place is as follows:

Fina: Uncle Tulo! Have you seen Hasna lately?
Uncle Tulo: No, sadly. She rushed off with some boy riding a horse to Moldoveanu Peak earlier…
Fina: But this is serious! That’s Hasna’s boyfriend Bayu!
Uncle Tulo: OK, fine. We’ll go look for her after Maghrib.

Meanwhile, in Bulgaria, Mr. Roni is making a plot to destroy Uncle Tulo’s Diwali celebration from Sofia to Blagoevgrad.


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