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TCoH 5 rescheduled for 2018, TCoH 4 Season 2 coming on 2017

Oktober 19, 2016

TCoH 5: Homecoming is rescheduled by me for 2018, which is when Fina and our Heroes went back to Indonesia to face the national exam so she can enter Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia, which will mark the end of The Chronicles of Hits series in its entirety.

As a result, TCoH 4 will be the longest-running The Chronicles of Hits sequel, having 731 episodes including next year. Their Asian-Pacific adventure is now part of TCoH 4 as well. As mentioned before, our Heroes are attending school in TCoH 4, as they haven’t gone to school for 3 years for spending their endless youths finding their identity as True Hits Heroes – that is, who work in Hits Radio, a radio station in Bandung.

The difference is, our Heroes are no longer accompanied by members of Indovidgram in this season. Arap decides to go back to Armenia to become a doctor. Aulion is reliving his dream to become the world’s greatest video maker yet. Edho had married in April 1, 2016, and is a dad in this season. Ardina decides to work as a geography teacher in Alcent SHS, while Devina will continue college. Their Chief? Still Chief Liow. The villains? Still the Trolls and Scullabies.

The story of TCoH 4 Season 2 will start in Japan. Interestingly enough, both seasons of TCoH 4 has always started in a country where Ghafiki currently studies in. He heard that BPP has a branch office in Nagoya, Japan, and he will relive his dream to become a manager in Dirgantara Mandala Museum in Jogja, who likes to cook. His concentration is Asian cuisine in this season.


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