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What will happen at the end of the Romanian story?

Oktober 22, 2016

Tomorrow marks the end of the Romanian story, and the ending will be a little sad, enough to make you cry out your feelings.

Hasna, who recently went back to Bayu’s arms as a couple, has to finally let him go to Japan to study in the BPP branch office. After a tearful goodbye, Hasna will continue on her adventure with her best friend Fina (the main character, that is) and the rest of our Heroes.

Mr. Akbar is not arrested, and he will be celebrating Diwali (despite being a Muslim) in the Bulgarian story.

In case you have been wondering, how is Kumquat doing. When Hasna and Bayu were abducted in Episode 296, the former was reunited by her loyal Kumquat, powerless in his cell. He’ll soon regain power and then be able to fight against Mr. Akbar, even though his trainer is still in her pajamas.

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