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Annoying Orange – Scream for Ice Cream (transcript)

Oktober 23, 2016

I don’t own AO.
This story is the possible origin of Coney, Mr. Akbar’s Alolan Vanillish.

(Shocktober title card)

Orange: (snoring)
(fridge door opens)
Orange: Nyaah! What- what the?!
Mysterious voice: I scream…
Orange: Hey! Who left the freezer open? Not COOL, guys! (laughs)
Mysterious voice: You scream…
Orange: Oh! I bet it’s Pear and everyone else. Guys! Wait. I wanna go to the freezer party too!
Mysterious voice: We all scream for ice cream…
Orange: (climbs the fridge) Laser beams and jelly beans, punch the royal queen in the spleen! (laughs) I love rhyme time, you guys. (now in the freezer) Guys? Pear? Little Apple?
Mysterious voice: I scream… (freezer door closes) you scream… we all scream for–
Coney: ICE CREAM!!!
Orange: (screams)

(title card)

Pear is seen reading a book entitled “500 Facts that Will Blow Your Rind!”.

Pear: Wow. Thunder is created from cow farts. You learned something new everyday. (throws the book. Orange appears beside him, with a weird look)
Orange: Hey! Hey, Pyear!
Pear: Um… hey, Orange.
Orange: Hey, Pyear!
Pear: Dude, are you OK?
Orange: Pyear, wanna go in the freezer?
Pear: Um… no.
Orange: Why not? There’s a whole library affording books in there. It’s fun in the freezer. It’s ICE to meet the freezer, Pyear. (slurred laugh) Ooh, Marshie! Hey Marshie, hey! Did you know that there are rainbows in the freezer?
Marshmallow: Really? I love rainbows! Yaaay!
Orange: And GRAPEfruit, there are sexy lady grapefruits in the freezer too.
Grapefruit: Wow, would have expected them to be hanging around the freezer.
(Grapefruit and Marshmallow rush into the freezer)
Midget Apple: Wah!
Pear: Wait. Are you guys serious? You can’t just trust Orange. He’s acting so… funky.
Orange: Funkay? I love funkay! You could get funkay in the freezer, Pyear! (slurred laugh) Funkay in the freezer, ooh~ Funkay in the freezer, ooh~
Pear: See?!
Grapefruit: Sorry, Pear. Gonna need to check out these ladies. You understand.
Marshmallow: Whee!
Coney: We all scream for ICE CREAM!!! (fridge shakes)
Pear: What the crap???!?!?!
Midget Apple: Well, that wasn’t ominous at all.
Orange: Don’t worry, guys. I’m sure Marshie and GRAPEfruit are just fine.
(freezer opens, revealing Marshmallow and Grapefruit in a monstrous look)
Marshmallow: (slurred) Yay! That was fun!
Pear: (gasps) Marshmallow! Grapefruit! You’re OK!
Marshmallow: Yeah! It’s so much fun in the freezer, Pyear!
Grapefruit: You guys should try it.
Pear: Yeah. I’m gonna pass on that one.
Orange: Yeah! Try it, guys!
(Marshmallow and Grapefruit tells Pear to try it)
Midget Apple: What is going on? Can we chill it with the weirdness?
Orange: (slurred laugh) Chill it.
(all chant “Chill it”)
Pear: Oh my God! We’re not going in the freezer! (groans) Something really creepy is going on here!
Midget Apple: Yeah! Everyone that goes into the freezer comes out possessed!
Pear: Exactly. I think the freezer might be… HAUNTED!
Midget Apple: I agree. I think we should get out of here, like… now!!!
Pear: Finally. An idea I can agree with! Where’d you leave your monster truck?!
Orange: I parked it in the freezer.
Midget Apple: Got it!
Pear: Little Apple! NOOO!
Midget Apple: Wait. My monster truck isn’t in the– WHOAAA!!!
Coney: ICE CREAM!!!
Pear: Oh, for crying out loud!
(Midget Apple comes out possessed)
Midget Apple: (slurred) Whaaa. Pyear! Go in the freezer!
Pear: No! No one is going into the freezer EVER AGAIN! (locks the fridge shut)
Orange: You shut into that, Pyear!
Grapefruit: You’re gonna regret that, Pear!
Pear: There. No more freezer weirdness! No lie can go back into–
Coney: I scream… you scream… we all scream for ICE CREAM!!! (Coney breaks out of the fridge, revealing himself as a possessed Neapolitan ice cream cone)
Pear: (screams in terror)
Orange: Yaaay!
Midget Apple: Yaaay!
(Pear and Coney have a battle, with Coney losing after melted. It was all a nightmare…)

Pear: It was only a dream!
Orange: Pear! What’s wrong? I heard you screaming!
Pear: Uh. It was nothing. Just a bad dream.
Orange: Oh, well, I brought you something I think might make you feel better!
Pear: Um, thanks. I guess.
Orange: No problem! Night, Pear!
Pear: Hm. (goes back to sleep)
Coney: ICE CREAM!!!
Pear: (screams in agony)

– Pear (this episode focuses on him)
– Orange
– Midget Apple
– Marshmallow
– Grapefruit
– Alolan Vanillish (Coney)


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