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TCoH 4, Episode 297

Oktober 23, 2016

Hasna woke up early today after being rescued from abduction. She brushed her signature long black hair that ends at the tip of her waist.

Hasna: (Don’t I look adorable?) (admiring herself in the mirror)

Now, she headed to the dining room where Bayu and Maul are about to announce something…

Bayu: I’m glad you’re here. I have something important to say. You see, I heard from Ghafiki that BPP has a branch office in Nagoya, Japan. I want to pursue my studies there to study Asian cuisine and more science.
(Hasna’s eyes now fill with tears)
Bayu: Don’t be sad, Na. I know you will visit me next year.
Maul: As for you, Fina, I’ll be staying in Romania to work together with the Romanian Air Force and destroy opposing planes.
Fina: W-what?! That’s impossible.
Maul: I know it is. But it’s for my mom and dad. (now Fina is seen crying) Don’t cry, Fin. I know someday I’ll come back as a Hits Hero. I’ve contacted Kang Kohar, and he said he’s back as a Hero. His whereabouts are currently in Armenia, with Kang Arap and Kang Dovi. Kang Arap’s a doctor now.

That afternoon, Fina and Hasna came out to find a drink in the public square. Then, they saw Mr. Akbar and Torracat.

Mr. Akbar: Heyyy, Fina, Hasna! Come here! (invites Fina and Hasna to sit in a restaurant) Ha, what’s wrong?
Fina: We’re thirsty, but we don’t have any money left. The existing money in my hands are for the donation.
Mr. Akbar: Don’t worry! Today, I’ll buy you anything. What would you like to drink? (takes a deep breath) We’ve got laici, tembikai laici, oren laici, jambu laici, rambutan laici, laici susu, laici tarik, laici sejuk, laici panas, laici coklat, rujak laici, all laici! OK?
Fina: Never mind, Sir. We’ll have plain water.
Mr. Akbar: Plain water? No sweat! (checks in the counter, then comes back to prank our girls) My gosh, sorry. We ran out of water. Food?
Hasna: I’ll have chicken noodles.
Fina: I’ll have one fried rice.
Mr. Akbar: Good choice! (checks in the counter, then pranks them again) Sorry, we’re out of stock.
Hasna: (sighs in despair)
Mr. Akbar: That is what you get for attempting to arrest me. (grumbles) Fine. You made me this way. Now get ready for you to feel the wrath of MR. MUHAMMAD AKBAR SINGH!!! (burns his spirit, ready to battle with Fina)

In the previous episode, Mr. Akbar was revealed to own a Pokemon that looks somewhat like Vanillish, however with a scary face. He said it was a possessed cone of ice cream that he caught and nicknamed “Coney”.

Now, the real battle begins. Mr. Akbar sent out Coney. Fina sent out Orange. Despite the type advantage, Orange is successfully knocked out by Coney with a combination of Ice Beam and Shadow Punch.

PERTARUNGAN ITU BERLANGSUNG HEBAT (the battle lasted greatly).

Mr. Akbar’s Pokemon:
– Alolan Vanillish (?) (Ice/Ghost)
– Turtonator (Fire/Dragon)
– Torracat (Fire)

All of Fina’s Pokemon fainted on her hands, rendering Mr. Akbar victorious and not arrested. Fina forfeits.

The episode ends with Hasna bidding farewell to Bayu, who is going to Japan, and Fina parting ways with Maul, who plans to stay in Romania for working in the Romanian Air Force.


Mr. Vallen: You did it again, Bar!
Mrs. Meta: That’s the spirit! You made those Heroes forfeit and forced to release one member! What will Wine say about that?
Mr. Akbar: NO! I’m not Wine’s boyfriend!

Major cast:
– Hasna Lathifah
– Afiany Nur Fadilah
– Maulani Salsabila
– Bayu Noviansyah
– Muhammad Akbar Singh
– Wine Mediani
– Valentino Rizky Pamuji
– Meta Inmasari Tarigan
– Satulo Bhangra Merame
– Obnoxious Kumquat (Hasna’s)
– Annoying Orange (Fina’s)
– Greninja (Fina’s)
– Arcanine (Maul’s)
– Alolan Vanillish (Mr. Akbar’s; nicknamed “Coney”)
– Torracat (Mr. Akbar’s)
– Turtonator (Mr. Akbar’s)
– Crabrawler (Uncle Tulo’s)


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