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Hits Radio pieces explained

Oktober 24, 2016

Some of you might have noticed many times ago that our Heroes have to collect some pieces to save the world. But this is for a special occasion indeed; it’s related to Pokemon Sun and Moon.

In The Chronicles of Hits (2013), after the original Heroes arrested Eko Oray and his henchmen, they obtained one piece of the then-unknown thing. It’s colored green, symbolizing Rowlet and the Grass-type.

In TCoH 2: Battle of the Stations (2014), after our Heroes fixed the Hitsversity clock and traveled Indonesia in pursuit of Dimasta and the Ardan Army, they obtained another piece. It’s colored red, symbolizing Litten and the Fire-type.

In TCoH 3: American Adventures (2015), after our Heroes arrested the Knife Brothers and the Alcent Apples, they obtained yet another piece, colored blue and symbolizing Water-type Popplio.

In TCoH 4: Between Sun and Moon! (2016-17), our Heroes will work hard to obtain 2 pieces, each symbolizing Solgaleo and Lunala, or the sun and moon. At the end of TCoH 4, they will put these pieces together and go back to Indonesia to face the national exam.


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