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TCoH 4, Episode 298

Oktober 24, 2016

To make once again a long story short…

While Devina, Vendry, and Tommy discuss about the Diwali celebration in Uncle Tulo’s house in Sofia, Bulgaria, Mr. Roni have a battle with Mr. Akbar.

Mr. Akbar told our Heroes that the Alolan Vanillish have form differences depending in which island it inhabits. He has the Vanilla Form, normally found in Melemele Island, which Coney is. Other forms include Chocolate, Strawberry, and Cookies and Cream.

Mr. Akbar: I would like you to meet Coney. He’s my trusty Alolan Vanillish, Vanilla Form.
Coney: ICE CREAM!!!
Mr. Akbar: He only says “ICE CREAM”. I hope you understand, because I’d better get prepared.
Mr. Roni: Yo, what you’re preparing for, man?
Mr. Akbar: Diwali is coming, Ron. I have to make so many food, like purunggu, halwa, jalebi, adhirasam, and Coney ice cream cones.
Mr. Roni: Isn’t it uncustomary for Indian people to drink cow milk?
Mr. Akbar: Believe it – we don’t eat cow meat. Cows are considered sacred in India, where I was born. We don’t eat beef, our cows’ milk is drunk, and their dirt is for alternative energy.
Mr. Roni: (sighs)


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