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TCoH 4, Episode 300

Oktober 26, 2016

In celebration of the 300th episode of TCoH 4, I’ve introduced Rifat and Khalisha, an aspiring Pokemon trainer couple, who came to visit Sofia to see how Diwali is celebrated in Bulgaria.

Now, Devina and her 2 sidekicks Vendry and Tommy are walking in the streets in Sofia when this couple came by.

Rifat: Wait, everyone!
Khalisha: Please hang on a sec!
(Khalisha tripped on a rock, falling on Rifat and accidentally pushed Devina)
Rifat: Ow…

Khalisha is a bit clumsy, and you might remember her from the Spanish story under the title Banana Split Bandit.

Khalisha: I’m so sorry. Please forgive me! I’m just feeling completely awful!
Tommy: That’s alright, mate.
Khalisha: Thank you.
Vendry: What’s your name?
Khalisha: Why, they call me Khalisha Salma. This is my boyfriend, Rifat. And you’re Vendryana from Moinblog! And Tommy Limmm from Tim2One, and… my gosh, I’ve seen you several times on YouTube!
Devina: I’m Devina Aurel. The Chief’s fiancee.
Khalisha: Really?! (goes crazy) It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Devina in person, and now I’m seeing her again! This is a dream come true!
Devina: Khalisha, when I see you, it seems that your hair is more gorgeous than mine. I might wash my hair everytime I shower, but my hair remains dry. As for your hair, wow! So soft and smooth and brown in color!
Khalisha: That’s right! I seldom wash my hair everytime I shower, but that’s what makes my friends admire my hair.

After a long conversation…

Khalisha: OK! I guess it’s time! Me and Rifat have to go to the hotel! Ghafiki and Sahda are waiting for us!
Rifat: If you want to hear more from us, visit us in Grand Hotel Sofia.
Khalisha: OK, gotta go! See ya! (rushes)

Vendry: Khalisha’s such in a hurry.
Tommy: I wonder what’s wrong with her?
Devina: That doesn’t matter. We gotta go. Uncle Tulo is waiting for us in house.


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