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TCoH 4 side story: Behaving Exactly like the Children of Pokemon

Oktober 26, 2016

Deep in the forests of Bulgaria near Musala, two Pokemon trainers, Rifat and Khalisha are building a strategy to put the Scullabies to jail.

Rifat: Greninja, Water Pulse!
Khalisha: Blitzle, Wild Charge!

The combination of the attacks almost sent Scullaby Grunts flying, when Mr. Vega scolded them…

Mr. Vega: You ungrateful kids! Not self-aware! You behave exactly like the son and daughter of a Pokemon!
Rifat: We’re not their son and daughter.
Khalisha: We’re just training.
Mr. Vega: Run along, I have a celebration to destroy.
Ghafiki (from afar): Not if we can help!

Just then, Ghafiki and Sahda came to help. Ghafiki sent out Grandpa Lemon while Sahda sent out Sugarcube.

Ghafiki: Grandpa Lemon! Use Frost Breath!
(Grandpa Lemon, in the middle of his sleep, used Frost Breath to freeze Mr. Vega)
Sahda: Sugarcube! Use Play Rough!
(Sugarcube plays rough with Mr. Roni. NOTE: Minccino can’t legally learn Play Rough)
Mr. Vega: Arrrgh! I won’t regret this!

Rifat and Khalisha thanked the couple for saving them and Diwali from being destroyed.

Rifat: Wow!
Khalisha: You’re both cool!
Ghafiki: Thanks. Without my trusty girlfriend here, you’d be both suffering by now.
Rifat: You’re welcome. What are your names, anyway?
Ghafiki: My name is Ghafiki from XI Boga 1 BPP Vocational High School. This is my Pokemon, Grandpa Lemon.
Grandpa Lemon: (snores)
Sahda: I’m Sahda. This is my Minccino, Sugarcube.
Sugarcube: Cino. (hops into Khalisha’s arms)
Khalisha: OMG, it’s so cute and cuddly! (admires Sugarcube’s fur) Its fur is also soft too! BTW, I’m Khalisha Salma.
Rifat: And I’m Muhammad Fauzan Rif’at. I’m her boyfriend.
Khalisha: We heard Devina Aurel is in Sofia to celebrate Diwali with Mr. Satulo Merame? We wanna come along!
Ghafiki: You said it!
Sahda: Come along with us!

For tomorrow’s story, Devina, Vendry, and Tommy will come across Rifat and Khalisha. They will make adhirasam together, with the aid of Uncle Tulo.

Major cast:
– Muhammad Fauzan Rif’at
– Khalisha Salma
– Ghafiki
– Talitha Sahda Nabilah
– Muhammad Octavega Nurrizki
– Roni Saftari
– Greninja (Rifat’s)
– Blitzle (Khalisha’s)
– Grandpa Lemon (Ghafiki’s)
– Minccino (Sahda’s; Sugarcube)


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