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What will happen at the end of the Bulgarian story?

Oktober 26, 2016

The Bulgarian story focuses not just on Devina and Uncle Tulo, but also aspiring Pokemon trainer couple Rifat and Khalisha.

After Diwali is destroyed by Mr. Roni and his Mudsdale and rendered useless, Shafira was seen crying in the rain, only to be comforted by Dzaky, her best friend, and Raditiyo, her boyfriend. The reason she was crying was unknown. Previously Uncle Tulo, Fina, and Hasna were also crying.

Not only that, yet Mr. Roni put a curse on Devina, Vendry, and Tommy and turned them into steel statues. However they easily broke the curse and together with Rifat and Khalisha, our Heroes built a strategy to arrest Mr. Roni, which in the very end of the Bulgarian story is not arrested.

After fixing Diwali, Uncle Tulo thanked our Heroes for their hardwork. And not only that, Fina gave her donation to Hasna and her family, and from there on out, Hasna’s house returned to normal. Her Instagram account is also recovered from being hacked.

If you want to see the full ending, wait until October 30.


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