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TCoH 4, Episode 303

Oktober 29, 2016

Our Heroes are very ready tonight. They are celebrating Diwali together in the public square in Blagoevgrad, with Uncle Tulo and their new friends, Rifat and Khalisha.

Khalisha is the most beautiful in this occasion. She lets her hair down loose to the end of her waist and wears sari. Rifat too, is very handsome with his turban.

But just as they are still celebrating, Mr. Roni approached. He looked very angry.

Mr. Roni: You… where the hell you’ve been?
Mr. Akbar: (gasps) Roni!
Mr. Roni: You know, Bar, the more I think about it… maybe destroying Diwali couldn’t be a right thing to do.
Mr. Akbar: Easy, Ron. Easy.
Mr. Roni: The more I think about it, the lights, the fires, and the happy people…
Mr. Akbar: Deep breaths, Ron.
Mr. Roni: (gasps for air, then exhales)
Mr. Akbar: Roni? Ron?
Mr. Roni: AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! (screams angrily) Mudsdale! Use Earthquake!
(Mudsdale stomps his feet, shaking the ground around it. Everyone screams of fright as Diwali is destroyed)

A battle sparked furiously. Rifat transformed into Greninja and Khalisha into Blitzle.

Rifat: Hydro Pump!
Khalisha: Wild Charge!
(Mr. Roni dodged both attacks)
Ghafiki: Not if we can help! Grandpa Lemon! Use Ice Fang!
(Grandpa Lemon uses Ice Fang on Mr. Roni)
Sahda: Sugarcube! Play Rough!
(Sugarcube attempts to use Play Rough on Mr. Roni)
Mr. Roni: Dodge them, Mudsdale!
(Mudsdale dodges both attacks)
Mr. Roni: Now, Pyrali! Use Will-o-Wisp to burn them!
(Pyrali uses Will-o-Wisp to burn Rifat and Khalisha)

The rest of the story is, blah blah blah, you know the rest. Uncle Tulo cried of desperation, joined by Fina and Hasna, hugging each other with tears. Rifat and Khalisha had to give up the rest of the adhirasam they have to Mr. Roni. Shafira cried in the rain, with Raditiyo comforting her. Ghafiki and Sahda mourned the apparent death of Grandpa Lemon and Sugarcube, respectively. There was nothing to do but to wait until the last part of the Bulgarian story.


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