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TCoH 4, Episode 304 (part 1)

Oktober 30, 2016

It was only a day after our Heroes turned to stone after Pyrali put on a curse on Devina, Vendry, and Tommy when Diwali was destroyed.

Rifat and Khalisha had lost hope. Now, they were seen lying in bed all day, refusing to have breakfast this morning. They blamed themselves for the incident where Mr. Roni destroyed the festival of lights in yesterday’s night.

Rifat: It was all my fault.
Khalisha: No, Fat. It was our fault. We turned Devina and her friends into stone.
Rifat: But we were on fire. Like, who could have ever done it if not Mr. Roni?
Khalisha: I don’t know. Still Mr. Roni, maybe.
Rifat: (sighs in desperation)
Khalisha: Listen, Fat. Sorry, but I gotta get going.

We saw a glimpse of our Heroes’ statues in the public square among the remnants of Diwali. They showed surprised faces.



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