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Rock Solid in Oregon

November 1, 2016

Rock: We’ll start our Oregon exploration here in Washington Park, just outside Portland. Come on, let’s look at the landscape.

150 years ago, there was no city here at all. Just wilderness. Then the Oregon Trail brought settlers from the east. They were looking for a place with more opportunity. And unlike Carmen’s crooks, they were willing to work hard for their fortunes.

Here’s what makes Washington Park smells so good; the International Rose Test Gardens. You’re looking at 10,000 rose bushes, of 400 different varieties. And if you get here in June you’ll see them all bloom at once! It’s worth the trip.

It’s not summer in Portland without a show at the Washington Park Amphitheater. Oregonians love outdoor theater. In the mountain south of here, the Ashland Shakespeare Festival has four stages, full of drama and comedy. Fine culture in the midst of beautiful nature, it’s a perfect combination if you ask me.

For a city, Portland isn’t so bad. Maybe it’s all the green grass and trees. I’m even rather fond of the rainy weather. If you wanna stay dry in Oregon, you’ll have to head east to the arid Columbia Plateau. Here on the western side of the state, “wet” is what you’ll get.

Oregon harvests more lumber than any other state. And that’s why the world’s forestry center is here. Pine forests cover half the state, and preservationists like me, make sure that the wood is carefully harvested. Not needless with strict.

You’re looking at my favorite thing about Portland – its view of Mount Hood, Oregon’s highest mountain. I’m quite fond of snow-capped volcanic peaks, and they don’t come much nicer than this one. Majestic, isn’t it?



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