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Rock Solid in Wyoming

November 1, 2016

Rock: Wyoming is wonderful, especially Grand Teton National Park. The mountains await us, so let’s start our trek!

One of my favorite things about this place is the people. Because there aren’t very many. In fact, even though it’s the ninth largest state in area, Wyoming has a smaller population than any other US state. With so few people around, the beauty of nature really gets a chance to shine.

Of all the different ranges in the Rocky Mountain system, the Tetons are the youngest. That’s part of the reason they’re so tall, jagged and angular. The wind and weather hasn’t had time to wear them down yet, in a process called erosion. In a few million years, they’ll be rounder. Like me.

Wyoming has lots of amazing scenery, but nothing tops the Teton Range. Those 13,000-foot peaks are amazing from every angle, and they hide a wealth of coal and other minerals. Speaking as a highly trained geologist, I can describe the Tetons with one highly technical word: WOW!

Wyoming isn’t all mountains. In its flatter parts, ranchers raise cattle and sheep. But the land is rugged, and the grass is thin, so it takes about 50 acres just to feed one cow. If you were a cowboy here, you’d ride lots of miles rounding up your herd.



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