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TCoH 4, Episode 309

November 4, 2016

The day before Parents Day 2016 kicks off, Team Lunala were attending a meeting with Chief Liow.

Chief: We’ve done quite well so far, yet we have the most intense case for you next week kicking off in Kazakhstan.
Devina: In Kazakhstan, Chand? Why?
Chief: Reports indicate that Scullabies have initiated Operation Lunala in the plains of the world’s largest landlocked country. We’ve got to act fast, and some say the main subject is the entire Minccino evolutionary line. And that could mean Toracino too.
Fina: (shocked) No! Not Toracino! The strongest Dark-type Pokemon!
Chief: Snap out, Fina. OK, where were we?
Edho: Operation Lunala will kick off in Kazakhstan, and Minccino, Cinccino, and Toracino are the subject.
Chief: Yup. And you know who is the brain behind this?
Aulion: It could only mean ONE answer; (burns with anger) VEGA!
(everyone was shocked)
Fina: Please, Kang Yoyon. Call him Mr. Vega. He’s my teacher and that’s final.
Aulion: Nobody cares! It depends on what I call him! Vega has a Passimian, and Passimian is a Fighting-type Pokemon, which means… Normal-type Pokemon like the Minccino evolutionary line are weak to Fighting-type moves! And I’m SICK of hearing it!
Chief: That’s it, Yon. Calm down.
(Aulion calms down)
Chief: Just because Vega has a Passimian doesn’t mean we have to be angry about that.
Edho: Oh, yeah! In case, we haven’t forgot about the Lunala egg you gave to us 3 weeks ago! (Lunala’s egg shines)
Chief: It shined? Well, it seems it will hatch soon. Just gonna see who will win Parents Day this school year, and that 50M IDR will be theirs! I’m just waiting for Voicent! Their voices always make my day! (crying tears of happiness)
Ardina, Fina, Devina, Edho, and Aulion: Chief…


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